My Story


What if one day could change your entire life?

For me that day was a cold Wednesday in February 2015, when I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed. I had worked 30 hours in shift work during the last week while studying fulltime and applying for a scholarship at Brown University.

But that morning a huge void filled my inside and asked me “Why are you even trying?”

I was 24 and I had driven myself into a burnout.

It was the most powerful experience I’ve ever been through because it made me realize how fragile life is, and how you can’t live on 130% and expect your body to just go with it.

It took me four years of therapy, life coaching and major life changes to be where I am today: living a life that I love.

I’m running my own business, living abroad in Helsinki, Finland, and getting constant support by my wonderful partner and friends.

A lot has changed since that day in February, but the most important lesson was this: I am not responsible for what life throws at me, but I’m responsible for how I react to it.

We have so much power if we take ownership of our lives and look into what it is that WE want instead of what it is THEY told us to want.

I’ve been a perfectionist and overachiever for most of my life because of what I was “supposed” to be.

Until I realized that it will never be enough for them anyways. So why live your life for them if you can live it for yourself?

That is why I love to support my clients to not only survive but to thrive.

To live the life they crave.

To embrace their power and unleash their potential.

If it was possible for me, I know it is possible for you.