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Laura Leonard Decher - Life Coach

"I started working with Jessi to break through my fears around marketing my business.

Jessi's coaching style inspired me to keep going as a coach. I was able to reach higher levels in my business because Jessi coached me to embrace my femininity and to own my power. Nowadays, I’m at a whole new level with my coaching because I was open to accept myself for who I am.

If you’re on the fence about working with Jessi, definitely take the leap. You will grow so much and you won’t regret it!”

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Zuzana Sladeckova - Wellness, Empowernent and Business coach for Creatives

"After working with Jessi I feel lighter and excited about my business and approach it with playfulness! I shifted my beliefs around boundaries, responsibilities and generational beliefs.

I would absolutely recommend Jessi for her gentle and deeply intuitive guidance, her knowledge around content creation and her passion for women's empowerment!”