What is Life Coaching?

  • Do you feel stuck in your job?

  • Unhappy with your relationship?

  • Self-conscious about your body?

Then life coaching could be ideal for you.

If you’re ready to move forward and get out of your comfort zone, coaching can take you from surviving to thriving.

Trust me, I’ve been where you are. After three years of therapy, I seemed “healed” but it just wasn’t enough. There was still that lingering feeling of being stuck in the wrong job, not being able to find a healthy relationship and hating the way my body looked.

I did not only want to be stable, I wanted to create a life that I love and that makes me happy every day. So I started with life coaching and it transformed my life.

Within six months I:

  • Quit my job and started my own business

  • Fell in love with my body and the way it looks

  • Met the love of my life

  • Finally understood my worth

Coaching is so powerful when you are ready to change.

There is a reason you ended up on this page today. I know you are ready to change and to level up your life.

Trust me, it feels scary and big when you decide to choose you and prioritize yourself over everything your supposed to do, want and be.

But this is your life. No one else can live it for you.

So are you ready to embrace your power and create your dream life?

Then you should book a discovery call with me.



My coaching is for you if...

❤️ you feel low on confidence, self-esteem and want to feel empowered again
❤️ you struggle with your body image. It's time to redefine beauty and to embrace your body the way it is right now.
❤️ you are a highachiever but feel like a fraud or are exhausted from the rat race of constantly running for the next achievement. I can help you with loving forself for who you are not for what you are achieving.
❤️ you've been struggling with mental illness, trauma and loss and gone through therapy (or are currently in therapy). You want to reach the next level after treatment and not just survive but thrive.
❤️ you struggle with setting boundaries and bringing up conflict in your (romantic) relationships. Often times you feel like a "burden" to others or don't want to ask for help, speak up for your needs and be clear on what you want.

Sounds like you? You can book your first free call with me to get to know each other and explore what is possible when we work together:


My coaching is NOT for you if...

👉 you need an accountability buddy or someone that organizes your day.
👉 you're not ready to dig deep and look into the emotional root causes of your pain.
👉 you want someone to tell you what to do. Coaching is not mentoring or consulting; I help you to uncover your truth that is hidden underneath societal expactions, limiting beliefs and trauma.
👉 you struggle with a mental illness and haven't been to a therapist. I recommend therapy for healing and coaching for growing. If you are still deep in the pain of the past, coaching might not be for you.

Are you ready for your life to change?

Then book your first free call with me to get to know each other and explore what is possible when we work together.